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Best Sites for Finding Travel Partners

By travelanswerman | June 19, 2009

You never have to travel alone. Use these sites to make friends on your next trip. 

AirTroductions: No one likes to get stuck sitting next to someone intolerable on a long distance flight, so why not plan to sit next to someone you might have a little in common with? This site can help you do that whether it’s for business or just to make a new friend.

TravelSidekicks: Planning on hitchhiking your way through the US, Canada or Europe? Don’t do it alone! Find a buddy through the help of this site and you’ll be at least a little bit safer in your travels.

PairUp: Make meeting up with clients and business associates easier with this Web program. You’ll be able to coordinate the schedules of several people meeting up for a conference or business meeting, or just find others looking for someone to talk with at the conference.


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