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Best Cheap Food & Drink Sites

By travelanswerman | June 12, 2009

Food and Drink: Part of the joy of traveling the world is exposing yourself (and your palate) to new flavors and traditions in the local cuisine. Use this list to find the cheapest ways to keep your tummy full, your tastebuds happy, and your wallet stuffed.

The Trailside Cookbook: This site has tons of tasty recipes for backpackers on a budget. Cooking for yourself will barely tap into that $35, but your tastebuds will hardly notice.

The Entertainment Book: If you’re traveling around the United States, you have to purchase The Entertainment Book, which is full of coupons for great restaurants, as well as museums and sporting events.

DestinationCoupons.com: Find great restaurant and meal coupons for the top location destinations, including London, Paris, New York City, Tahiti, and the Caribbean.

Restaurant.com: With a slogan like “Eat. Drink. Save Money,” this online database of U.S. restaurants and coupons is perfect for any traveler on a budget.

Cheap Eats on EuropeString.com: This Web site gives tips on finding the cheapest places to eat and drink in Europe. Browse topics like “Ways to Get Free Drinks in Bars” and “Where to Eat in Barcelona.”

“12 Frugal Vacation Tips:” This article on about.com has clever tricks for finding cheap restaurants wherever you go. Take advantages of afternoon specials or follow the local workers who “know where to get a bargain.”

“Backpacker’s Guide to Cheap Eats:” Read this article to find more ideas for enjoying the local flavor, like buy a bottle of wine ahead of time and enjoy drinking it “in the park.” Drinking rules are usually more lax abroad, anyway!

Cheap Eats in Tokyo: Check out this list of the best places to eat cheaply in Tokyo.

Chowhound.com: The Chowhound blog posts articles about great finds all over the world. Follow the suggestions, and you’ll be eating good, authentic food without paying too much.

Sydney Eats: Peruse through the list of Sydney’s restaurants. You’ll find out how much you can expect to pay even before you go.


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