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Best Shopping in the World

By travelanswerman | December 14, 2007

This time of year everyone wants to know where to go for the best shopping. How about the best shopping in the world? The first question you might ask is how do you define “Best Shopping”? The “Best Shopping” place would have to offer almost everything imaginable in one somewhat contained area. Things could be found from far-off lands including trendy fashions, exotic crafts, intricate wood carvings, beautiful one-of-a-kind furniture, animals that are unusual and not so unusual, cuisine including standard fare and over the edge unusual items to down right nasty (my opinion)! If you get hungry, there are hundreds of vendors offering everything under the sun….from chicken to frogs, bugs (insects) that are alive, dried and pre-cooked, every part of every animal that exists from cooked to raw, along with every fruit and vegetable that can be grown. If it available, they likely have it to sell to you! Yum…yum!

The atmosphere is super charged with electric energy guaranteed to keep your juices flowing. Barganing with each vendor is fun & normal and definitely expected. Take time to observe the people around you. Notice their colorful attire. Breathe in the incredible aroma of the various foods and spices of the world. Drink it all in and remember the experience. The memory of it all is not to be forgotten.

Where are we? Bangkok, Thailand….Chatuchak Market. It is one of the largest markets on planet Earth. Located opposite the old northern bus terminal along Phahonyothin it is a must for all travelers. It is only open on weekends from 7:00 am until late in the evening.

Where is your favorite place to shop? Please share with us in detail.


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