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Best 100 Travel Journel Blogs

By travelanswerman | May 25, 2009

Many travelers will always take paper and a pen with them on their vacations to keep notes of their experiences and memories of the new places they visit. In this digital age, however, many of these notebooks are going on the Web instead and are being shared with people all over the world. Many travel bloggers share their experiences with travel through online travel journals that provide an interesting and sometimes entertaining record of the places they visit and the people they meet. You can read about these journeys either just for your own enjoyment or because you want to take a trip yourself. Here are some of the best to check out.

Couples, Families and Friends

What better way is there to travel than with those you care about most? These travel journals are all about making travel a group affair.

  1. Old World Wandering: While the journey chronicled in this blog is over now, it can still be an interesting read for anyone wishing to travel by land around Europe, through Asia and beyond. The blog is written by a couple who, in the process of moving to Shanghai, planned to see a bit of the world together.
  2. Traveling Right, Traveling Light: Couple Lloyd and Jackie blog about their travels in Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe in this entertaining and informative blog.
  3. Karie and Scott’s European Adventure: This couple took a big leap by selling everything they owned, hopping on a plane and moving to Barcelona with no place to live or work. This blog chronicles their experience as well as their other travels throughout Europe.
  4. Yobosayo: This blog chronicles the travels of a couple from Philadelphia as they make their way around the world. It’s filled with pictures and stories of the places they’ve been traveling, including locations from the Middle East, Europe, Africa and South America.
  5. Family Travel: This site is all about sharing travel and the sights of the world with your children. This family loves to travel together and they share their stories, recommendations and advice through this blog.
  6. Delicious Baby: Bringing the kids on the road with you can sometimes be a pain. This blog is dedicated to helping families travel together more easily. The author, Debbie, posts guides of the most family friendly places in all the cities she visits with her kids.
  7. Euros Ate My Dollars: Ben and Brittany share their eight-month long journey through this blog, after they quit their jobs and took off to see the world. Read about their travels all over Europe.
  8. Uncornered Market: Travelers Audrey and Daniel take photographs and write about their adventures for this blog. Check it out for great posts on China, India, Germany and more.
  9. Soultravelers3: This blog is home to posts from a family of three who packed up and embarked on an open-ended trip around the world. Almost two years into their travels, the family is currently in Capri and hopes to continue traveling.
  10. Big Trip Blog: Kevin and Valerie are a couple who’ve chosen to take a year off to travel around the world together. Their blog records visits to Europe, India, Egypt and much more.
  11. The Lost Girls: This popular blog follows three friends who quit their jobs and set out to explore the world together. Both entertaining and informative, it’s a great read for anyone who has ever dreamed of leaving it all behind to explore the world.
  12. Legal Nomads: Read about these two lawyers (and their friends) as they make their way around the globe, starting with South America.
  13. Globe Stompers: This couple took off on world travels and opted to record the journey in this blog. Read about their experiences in South America, New Zealand and much more as they make their way around the world.
  14. Autumn and Danny World Travel: This blog is dedicated to the world travels of soon-to-be married Autumn and Danny. Keep track of their travels around the globe and their wedding in scenic Tuscany.
  15. One Year on Earth: Newlyweds Shanna and Derek decided to celebrate their marriage by taking off on the trip of a lifetime. They have recorded all their adventures thus far on their blog and still have months to go on their trip.

Photo Journals

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words, especially when you’re trying to describe places you’ve traveled. These blogs focus on documenting trips for the more visually inclined.

  1. Everything Everywhere: Here Gary Arndt shares his photos and stories as he travels around the world after selling his business. He’s been traveling all over since March of 2007, and visitors to his site can see great photos of him and the sights in Asia, Australia and Indonesia.
  2. Stuck in Customs: This is a beautiful photo blog by game designer and part-time photographer Trey Ratcliff. It features photos from his travels around the world and at home, so future travelers can get an idea of what they want to see.
  3. Primitive Culture: This photo journal by amateur ethnographer and photographer Xander allows readers to get up close and personal with the sights and stories of places in South Africa, Bangkok, Istanbul and much more.
  4. Far and Near: The author of this blog has traveled to over 40 different countries around the world and shares experiences and impressions of those places through the photos in this blog.
  5. From the Faraway, Nearby: This blog shares the passions of a lifelong bird watcher and nature enthusiast who posts his photos from his travels in Oklahoma, Hawaii and beyond.
  6. Reasons to Wander: Sloan Schang and Amy Hojnowski took off together and went on a journey around the world. This blog is filled with photographs from their journey that show some of their favorite and most lasting memories.
  7. Rambling Traveler: This blog is full of photos from native Minnesotan Stacy’s travels with her husband and their children.
  8. Travelvice: This blog is chock full of photos from the travels of Craig Heimburger, who has spent the last three years in a perpetual state of travel.

Solo Travel

For those going it alone, travel can be a true adventure. These bloggers share their experiences in these blogs.

  1. Travel Betty: Women looking to travel alone can get some tips and advice from this blog, written by an enthusiastic traveler. Readers will be able to find advice in the articles as well as hear about her experiences traveling to 23 different countries.
  2. Claire Takes on the World: The author of this blog, Claire, is working and traveling the world as she goes. Read about her travels to India, Peru, Brazil and more on her blog.
  3. Pickled Eel: This blog, written by an Australian, chronicles travels to China, India, Singapore, Malaysia and more. Readers can also take a look at photos, writings and other additions to his blog.
  4. Corporate America Runaway: Sherry, a former IT specialist, took a year off from the corporate world to travel to all the places she always wanted to visit. Visitors to her blog will be able to read stories about her adventures traveling alone and with friends.
  5. A Novel Path: Writer Cristi Farrell shares her adventures traveling, writing and doing environmental consulting on this blog.
  6. Trail of Ants: This blog follows the travels of Ant, as he treks around the world on a two-year journey. Read his well-written accounts of his experiences in China, India, Sri Lanka and more.
  7. Vagabonding: This blogger, Mike, traveled the world alone for over a year. Though his trip is over, he still posts stories from his travels regularly on this blog.
  8. Brooke vs. the World: This blog follows the adventures of, Brooke, a 24-year old traveling until she runs out of money or finishes the journey. So far she’s journeyed to places like Poland, Guatemala, Mexico, Spain and more.
  9. Girl Solo in Arabia: While many women would be intimidated to take on Arab nations on their own, this blogger shows that a determined woman can travel anywhere. Here she shares her experiences everywhere from Egypt to Iran.
  10. Gone East: This blog follows Huw as he makes his way by land through the cities, natural wonders and monuments of China.
  11. The Overland Tales: This young blogger just wasn’t cut out for the corporate office life. After returning from a journey around the world to the working world, he once again put in his resignation and headed out to explore. This blog follows his journey through Europe, Russia, Japan and beyond.
  12. There and Back: Keep up with the adventures of Evan as he travels around the world solo and chronicles his experience through the travel writing on his blog.
  13. Where the Hell is Matt?: This humorous blog follows around game designer Matt as he used his savings to travel around the world. This blog is slightly unique in that Matt not only visited these places, but made a video of himself dancing in each one.

Region Specific

Sometimes you find a place you love and you just want to learn more about it. These blogs focus on one area and share information and advice as the bloggers travel.

  1. My Terella: This blog is all about Norway and allows readers to learn loads about its culture, places to visit and more. Blogger RennyBA shares his experiences traveling around to scenic and historical locations in Norway, and it can be a very informative read for those planning a trip of their own.
  2. New York Traveler: Those interested in exploring all that the state of New York has to offer should give this blog a look. Follow the blogger as she travels to historical sites, parks and fun locations throughout New York.
  3. Reflections in the Nile: Those with a desire to see the Pyramids or travel down the Nile will enjoy the posts from this blog. English-born Su makes frequent trips to the country and writes about her experiences here.
  4. Bart’s Travel Blog: If you love traveling in South America, this blog likely has something of interest for you. Bart records his travel experiences, insights and suggestions throughout this informative blog.
  5. Middle East Journal: Get the lowdown on what it’s like living and traveling in the Middle East from journalist Michael Totten.
  6. Texas RV Travel Blog: This blogger is an avid RV enthusiast and has recorded many travels in this blog. For those interested in RVs, Texas, or both, this is an informative read.
  7. Europe Trotter: Those who love European travel can follow the journey of this blogger who has gone to just about every European country and recorded the journey in this blog.

Road Less Traveled

From traveling to the far reaches of the globe to taking to the road for unusual reasons, these travelers have taken some unusual trips all over the world.

  1. Big Blue Globe: If you’ve ever dreamed of traveling to the bottom of the world, check out this blog. It gives a day-by-day account of what it’s like living and working in Antarctica.
  2. Olga the Traveling Bra: Get a laugh from this blog, which follows the worldwide journey of Olga, a lacy black bra. Readers will get photos and information about all the places Olga visits.
  3. Candy from Strangers: Those with a sweet tooth will enjoy this blog as it follows the travels of Malena, a blogger who is traveling the world not only to see the sights but to find the best sweets as well.
  4. Last Great Road Trip: This father and son road trip team travel across the United States, traveling over 5,000 miles. Their story is recorded in this blog for others who are planning a road trip of their own.
  5. A Journey into the Heart of America: These recent college grads took on an extended road trip as a means to see the United States as well as to meet people from all over America. They recorded their journey in this blog.
  6. Polar Blogger: While some people might call it crazy, this blogger wanted to walk to the south pole. This blog records his progress, and his adventures in Antarctica.
  7. Global Walk: Follow this woman as she walks around the world to help fight breast cancer with the posts and journal entries from this blog. Her trip is over, but the story is still an inspiration to anyone who wants to battle disease and see the world from a new perspective.
  8. Bird Year: This unusual blog chronicles the 12,000-mile journey of then 15-year-old Malkolm and his family as they travel along the West coast in search of birds.
  9. Hope and Healing: These bloggers are traveling by ship around the coast of Africa, providing much needed medical attention and aid to locals. You can read about their experiences, frustrations and triumphs in this blog.
  10. One Week Job: One way to help pay for a journey around the world is to work your way through it, and that’s just what this intrepid blogger did. Follow him as he attempts to work odd jobs to help him make his way across continents.

Alternate Transportation

While air travel is usually the way most global travelers choose to make long journeys, some choose a more adventurous way to get around. Follow these bloggers as they travel the world by foot, bike, boat and more.

  1. Slow Travel: This blog is dedicated to travel without airplanes. This blogger is taking trains, cars, boats and his own two feet as he travels around the world.
  2. The Big Walk: It might take a few pairs of shoes to do it, but Paul and Helen Webster are aiming to walk their way across Europe. Follow their progress with this blog.
  3. Horse Travel Blog: Those who enjoy horseback riding will get the most out of this blog. It focuses on vacations the blogger and her husband have taken that involve horseback riding and can be a great resource for others who are looking for travel of this sort.
  4. Kiwis Don’t Fly: Those afraid to take to the skies will appreciate the nature of this blog, which chronicles the journey of one native New Zealander as he travels from Dublin to Sydney without taking a flight.
  5. Ed’s Gone South: This blog follows the long motorcycle journey of Ed, who opted to explore the wonders of South America via two wheels.
  6. Amy and Wim: Ever wanted to see the world from the seat of your bicycle? This couple did just that, traveling all over with only their bikes, small packs and each other.
  7. The World By Sea: Derek, a Flagstaff native, and his friend took a boat on a cruise around the world not only to see the sights, but to help locals build new schools, improve their communities and more. This blog chronicles their ongoing journey.
  8. Dmotorider: If you’ve ever dreamed of taking to the open road on a motorcycle, you can get some inspiration from this blog. The writer took just his motorcycle and a few suitcases on a journey through the Americas.
  9. LifeCruiser: This blog is written by a husband and wife to record their travels by sea around their native country of Sweden and beyond.
  10. Travels of Stacey: Musician Stacey takes to the seas and records her travels in this blog. You’ll find entertaining photos of people, places and foods as well as amusing commentary.

Living Abroad

Why only take a few weeks in a country when you can live there and really learn about a place? These journals are by bloggers who have done just that and who have chosen to share their experiences.

  1. Neil Duckett: Neil Duckett is an Australian living and working in Japan. His blog deals with his experiences fitting in, learning about Japanese culture, tasting new foods and learning about Japan day by day.
  2. Tales from Kulafumbi:This native Kenyan blogs about her experiences living, working and traveling throughout the country and provides great insights and beautiful photos for readers to see.
  3. My Marrakech: This photo-filled blog follows the life of an American family living in Marrakech. It contains loads of info. on where to shop, eat and find the best things in Marrakech.
  4. Eating Asia: This writing and photo-taking couple have lived and traveled throughout Asia for the past 12 years. Their blog focuses on the delicacies and best places to find food in countries like Malaysia, China, Thailand and Vietnam. The photographs are guaranteed to make your mouth water!
  5. Gas.tron.o.my: This blogger is currently living in Saigon and writes about the sights, but her blog focuses more on the foods to be found there. If you’re planning a trip to Vietnam anytime soon, the blog is a must-read for cuisine recommendations.
  6. Just Married Chilean Style: This newlywed is currently living in Chile with her husband and blogs about her experiences adapting and making a life in the country. Visitors will learn the ins and outs of getting around in Chile through her posts, essential if you’re planning a trip there.
  7. Beijing Notebook: This blogger is currently living in Beijing and shares insights and advice with those who want to visit or live in the city themselves.
  8. The North West Territory: Brian, a non-profit worker and sometime blogger, shares his experiences living and working in Ghana in this blog.
  9. Novoarte’s Travel Blog: Those looking to travel to Mexico City can find some helpful insights and advice on this blog, written by a sometime New Yorker and current resident of Mexico City.
  10. Travis on Tour: Blogger Travis is currently living and working as a teacher in Korea. His posts share his experiences with all aspects of fitting into Korean culture.
  11. Parisian Spring: Tanya is a graduate student currently living and studying in Paris. Her blog reflects her experiences living in France and traveling through Europe.
  12. Sandier Pastures: Learn what it’s like to pull up stakes and move to Dubai with a little reading on this blog. Learn about the sites and intricacies of life in the United Arab Emirates.
  13. The Life I Chose in Positano: This blogger came to Italy to study and ended up staying put. Get a different perspective on life in the tourist town of Positano from someone who’s chosen to call it home.


Looking for some friendly advice before your next trip? Learn from the experiences of these bloggers by checking out their travel journals.

  1. Amateur Traveler: Here visitors will find a blog that is part of a weekly podcast series. Entries share travel stories, advice and more with those who travel for pleasure.
  2. Killing Batteries: Travel writer Leif Pettersen gives readers some insight into the places he’s been. Posts are in-depth and provide valuable information about places all over the world.
  3. The Art of Nonconformity: This blog is full of advice for travelers taken from the experience of Chris Guillebeau, a writer, social entrepreneur and world traveler.
  4. The Daily Transit: This blog, by journalist Ben Hancock, covers all kinds of topics and issues that relate to travel both real and metaphysical adventures.
  5. Ubertramp: Get advice on budget travel, backpacking and more on this site. It also contains great accounts of other’s travel experiences to help you get an idea of what to expect on your next trip.
  6. Viator Travel Blog: This blog from Viator is a collection of travel writings from bloggers who have traveled all over the world. Get new insights, advice and inspiration from the posts.
  7. Les Explorers: This blog is written by French hotel worker Claude Bernard, and follows him as he visits places all over the world as well as offering some insights into the tourism business.
  8. Andy HoboTraveler: This blogger has been traveling around the world for almost ten years and has visited over 44 different countries in his journeys. You’ll find general travel advice as well as his personal accounts of his travels on this blog.
  9. Go Backpacking Round the World: Those who have a passion for backpacking will appreciate the advice and articles contained within this blog. Readers will find information that will help them plan the best trips possible as well as first-hand accounts of other travelers’ experiences.
  10. Cool Travel Guide: Lara Dunston is a travel writer living in Dubai. This blog highlights the things she enjoys most about travel and the discoveries that she’s made while working on travel books for Lonely Planet, DK and more.


Hear about all kinds of stories from travelers who have explored the far reaches of the globe and reported back to their blogs with these helpful and entertaining online travel journals.

  1. Pret a Voyager: The name of this blog translates to Ready to Travel, and that’s just what this roaming graphic designer does. The blog focuses on stories of her travels as well as on fashion, design and photography.
  2. Escape from New York: Wendy, writer of this blog, is a photographer and journalist who travels the world taking photos and learning about what makes cultures unique. Her blog contains stories and, of course, photographs of her travels.
  3. Nomad4Ever: Here you’ll find articles and advice from a self-professed nomad who’s spending his time traveling and living in Southeast Asia. The blog shares his experiences while also giving inspiration and motivation to those scared to fulfill their travel dreams.
  4. Nerd’s Eye View: This self-professed nerd works as a technical writer but also enjoys writing about travel and culture whenever she can. This blog is an extension of that and is full of her travels both local and abroad.
  5. Sand Dollar Adventures: This humorous blog shares the adventures and misadventures of the blogger. It also shares ideas and deals on travel for those who like a little adrenaline on their vacations.
  6. Budget Trouble: Here, self professed travel addict Anna shares her experiences traveling and living in places all over the world.
  7. Greg Wesson’s Esoteric Globe: Follow the travels of Greg, a frequent road warrior and world traveler whose blog covers countries near and far.
  8. Notes from the Road: This blog provides beautiful photos and writings on travel all over the United States.
  9. Randall Wood: Randall Wood is a travel writer, among many other things, and this blog showcases his writings on the places he’s been.
  10. Song of the Open Road Travel Blog: Having been traveling for years and visiting over forty countries, Wade shares his experiences with international travel through this blog.
  11. Write Away!: Lauren Carter, the author of this blog, is a travel writer living in Ontario. Her blog focuses on the travels she’s taken, travel deals, tourism issues and more.
  12. Clearly Enlight’s Travel Blog: Get inspired by the photos and posts from this blogger who plans to travel the world for the next five years, and who is sharing his experiences on his blog.
  13. Not Another Tourist: This blogger has been living and working all over the world. She’s chosen to share her experiences with friends, family and the rest of the Internet through this blog.
  14. Always Traveling: Follow this blogger across continents with entertaining posts and insights on backpacking through Europe, China and maybe more.


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