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Why cruising…why not!

By travelanswerman | November 15, 2007

The Travel Answer Man has been there and done that more often than he can care to remember. Frequently I am asked what is your favorite thing to do for a vacation. The answer is always the same…go on a cruiseand the longer it isthe better.

Just talking about it conjours up immediate thoughts of my most fondest memories while taking a cruise holiday…the ultimate fantasy escape. What is there not to like about a cruise. To begin with you receive service…service…service 24/7. Did I say service? From the moment you arrive at your vessel until the time you step off to go home, the staff treat you as though you were the President of a major country…just like royalty. A cruise is the ultimate in a self-contained resort. Everything  you will ever need during your vacation is at your finger tips. Just ask and they will deliver. Where else can this happen in the real world? The most incredible cuisine every meal…the most memorable views ever changing before your very eyes…exiciting new ports of call on almost a daily basis…do as much as you want, do as little, or do nothing. The choice is always in your court. You make the shot every time.

And one final note…where do cruises go…if there is a body of water…it is likely a cruise ship has been there and done that.

Sailing the Caribbean Islands, Alaska Inside Passage Cruise, cruising the Mediterranean, circumnavigate the globe on a world cruise, pass through the Panama Canal, visiting each of the four major Hawaiian Islands, an adventure cruise to Antarctica, drifitng by the Great Barrier Reef, pulling into Hong Kong harbor at dusk, seeing the Statue of Liberty in New York City at sunrise, river cruising through France during fall grape harvest season or summer time in China on the Yangtze River, maybe some exploration down the mighty Amazon looking for the special exotic bird that has not been discovered.

All of this is available to you today. A cruise itinerary, a special ship, and a “priced right” budget all with you in mind. See you on board soon. I will be having dinner with the Captain at his table. Bon appetite and bon voyage!


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