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Travel Industry is Largest in the World

By travelanswerman | October 20, 2007

Many people are surprised to hear that the travel industry is the largest industry in the world. As of the end of 2008, its total economic impact was over eight trillion dollars. In the United States alone, the total was approximately 1.7 trillion dollars. It continues to grow at rate well over 20 percent annually regardless of the various global concerns.

The primary reason for these spectacular figures has to do with the development of the Internet. It has become so easy to educate one’s self by clicking through search engines like Google and Yahoo and various travel related websites. The amount of information available at your finger tips is incredible and it’s just a click away. If you want to find detailed information on a small boutique hotel in downtown Chicago or an exotic, luxury hotel in mid-town Manhattan, both are just a few clicks away. What about a recomendation regarding a gourmet seafood restaurant in Seattle, Miami, or San Francisco? Maybe, your more likely to want a prominent steak place in Dallas or Ft. Worth. Well, there are numerous, established travel websites that will provide the latest opinions of thousands of travelers who have been to the finest establishments and have already submitted their review and opinions. Everything has become quick and easy plus so attainable.

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