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The Greenbrier Resort

By travelanswerman | September 20, 2007

The Greenbrier Resort, one of the most famous luxury hotels in United States history will continue this winter on significant renovations. For many years, this great resort was given annually the presitigious five-star rating awarded by the Mobil Travel Guide. In January of 2000, it lost its top rating by the Mobil Travel Guide and sent great concern throughout the hotel staff and former guests. The mangement team and ownership decided to begin the long process of restoring the original glory and splendor of the past. This would include the total remodeling of the entire hotel and infrastructure. Their plan has been to undertake the majority of this work during the off-season so only to affect the least amount of guests.

You might want to follow the progress by checking their website attached here. I would also suggest contacting the resort and asking specifically about any updates before your next visit. That being said, you definitely should consider a visit some day to the property that has hosted US Presidents and some of the most important decision makers in the world. Enjoy!


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