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China: A Portrait of a People review

By travelanswerman | January 7, 2013

World class photography allowing the reader to “taste” a people and culture!

Finally, a book that shows you what’s fun, what’s unforgettable and what is the heart of the Chinese people. Once isolated, but now one of the world’s highly regarded travel destinations. The author and photographer, Tom Carter, shows how China, despite its rapid modernization, is still a land of extraordinary contrasts that will catch some of the most savvy travelers off guard. Tom’s camera and exceptional ability to capture the true spirit of the local people and culture is at its best throughout all 33 regions of the most populated country on Earth.

China is indeed a destination of stunning wonders and sights! If you never are able to visit this amazing place, allow Tom’s book to be the vehicle which transports you across time and space. It will be a memory and treasure you will never forget!


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