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Cornwall with Caroline Quentin – DVD review

By travelanswerman | November 29, 2012

Actress Caroline Quentin, a two-time British Comedy Award winner, introduces us to a land where time has stood still…Cornwall. A place you can visit and quickly escape the rigors and stress of our competitive dog-eat-dog society. Even the locals suggest they are not really English but Cornish. With her charming wit, Caroline engages the colorful, fascinating locals and allows us to get up close and personal. Something most hosts are unable to accomplish with any degree of success. The exceptional cinematography is worth watching the DVD on its own merit!

Cornwall is one of the most beautiful and glorious regions in England. Its attraction lies somewhat in its climate. Specifically, southern Cornwall has been known as the English Riviera, with subtropical plants growing in its public parks and private gardens. Additionally, it has an abundant variety of scenery, with beautiful sandy beaches and attractive, magical seaside resorts, picturesque cliffs with dramatic coastlines which offer memorable walks along the sea with constantly changing views, tiny fishing villages and in the interior, wide expanses of rolling moorland.

The Travel Answer Man highly recommends your investment in this historically rich travelogue! You may want to contact them directly at  www.acornonline.com


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