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The Backpacker’s Handbook review

By travelanswerman | January 31, 2012

Incomparably thorough and should be essential reading for all serious backpackers! To be specific, it covers everything from A to Z you would ever need to know before engaging the wilderness.

Chapters include: Preparing for the Trail, The Load on your Back, Footwear and Wilderness Travel, Carrying the Load: The Pack, Keeping Warm and Dry: Dressing for the Wilderness, Shelter: Camping in the Wilderness, The Wilderness Kitchen, Comfort and Safety in Camp and on the Trail, On the Move: Skills and Hazards.

The style of writing, photography, drawings and diagrams allow the reader to easily interact with the subject. Any question you might have asked would definitely be answered by the final page.

Chris Townsend the author has done all of us “outdoor types” an exceptional service. If you want to follow Chris and gain from more of his insight, you can find his site at www.christownsendoutdoors.com

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