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10 easy ways to keep fit while travelling

By tam-admin | August 15, 2011

The big trip is booked! The itinerary of all your must see destinations and attractions have been carefully mapped out. The restaurants and local entertainment options have been researched and you are good to go. The expectation that you can put a pause on your fitness routine because you are out of town is a big mistake. Think about how much better you will feel once you’ve broken a good sweat. Consider that it can make your vacation that much better since you will have more energy to explore. It will also help you feel less sluggish after quite possibly overindulging in some delicious local cuisine.

Here are 10 simple ways to keep fitness in your life while away from home:

1) RESEARCH – Do some homework on your accommodations. Try to make sure they meet your fitness needs if possible. If this is not possible you have no excuse and there is still a lot to do!

2) EXPLORE – Go check out your destination. Some of the best times I have ever had on vacation were when the rest of my group was still sleeping and I went for a morning run/hike. I figure the more I get to see the more value I get out of my vacation. Talk to the concierge or Hotel Manager to make sure its safe and you have some sort of a route.

3) PACK – Travel with exercise bands and tubing as they are very light to pack and can be attached to your bedpost.

4) EAT SMART – Staying Fit while travelling does not mean you should not indulge in the culinary delights your destination surly has to offer. I usually find that it’s smart to get the best flavors from those authentic meals when they are not fried and covered with sauces. Go for the steamed and grilled options. Get sauces on the side and make sensible choices that can still be just as delicious and local.

5) SNACK- Yes, snacking is good! If the day is full of sightseeing and attractions pack a snack bag ahead of time so you are not forced to grab something when it’s too late (starving). Pack some fruit or nuts with you to tie you over if the excursion is a long one.

6) ENROLL - Let your group know that you plan on having a healthy vacation.

Let them know from the beginning that you will be taking fitness “time out” everyday. This mentally commits you as well. I like to get my time in either first thing in the morning or right before everyone meets again for dinner. Choose your time and stick to it. Believe me that small window of time will have you feeling so much better and make the overall experience of your trip that much more enjoyable.

7) H2O- Drink water! This is important especially if you are at a warmer destination. Always have a bottle on you. If you are at a hot destination bring a cooler bottle from home to refill (not if the drinking water is not safe)

8) BAR SABOTAGE - Watch that sugar! Tropical drinks are for many a staple indulgence on vacation. Some of the syrups added can load these drinks with a terrifying amount of sugar and calories. There is also nothing natural about them. I will only have a mixed “fruit” drink when it’s blended with real fruit. There is a ton of other bar options. Trust me your body will thank you for keeping away from that stuff.

9) SMALL THINGS – Resorts have a lot to offer. Take the time to find out exactly what. Often they have free tennis racket rentals, kayak rentals and numbers of other free activities. Keep this in mind as the other excursions can become quite costly. These are free and are usually quite active and most importantly a lot of fun!

10) AIRPORTS – Fortunately now-a-days airports do have options to accommodate the health conscious when it comes to food options so be sure to take advantage of those. Instead of sitting at the gate and waiting, lap the airport a couple times and you’ll be sure to burn some extra calories.

These 10 steps should not change your original travel plans at all. You will likely come home feeling better about the entire experience. Ditch the expectation that it is “normal” to pack on a few pounds while away. Say no to the vacations bulge! Make it a fun, fit and productive time of adventure and travel!

Author: Stephanie Joanne is a well established professional in Toronto’s fitness industry. She manages to keep at the top of corporate fitness at Extreme Fitness Inc while maintaining her position as a trusted fitness Guru. With her proven systems she has gained the confidence of many and her services are in high demand with Toronto’s most high profile personalities!

In partnership with Innovative Supplements Technologies, Stephanie has just launched a new line of all Natural Supplements in Canada after encountering tremendous success with these products in the European market. With many more exciting projects underway, visit  www.stephaniejoanne.com to learn more! She can also be found on Twitter @StefJoanne

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