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Acadia Complete Guide book review

By travelanswerman | July 27, 2011

I have traveled the world many times over and must say the northeast coast of Maine is one of my highlights! Specifically, a visit to Mount Desert Island and Acadia National Park. Fortunately, author James Kaiser has drawn an excellent rendering in his recent guide book of this extraordinary region.

The contents include: potential adventures you may want to indulge in such as hiking, biking, sea kayaking, rock climbing and sailing.

Basics: everything you need to know from seasonal weather patterns and local transportation, to the island’s best lobster and beer!

Geology: over the past 500 million years, Acadia has been home to colliding continents, erupting volcanoes, massive glaciers and countless other catastrophes.

Ecology and Wildlife: lying at the base of two ecological zones, Mount Desert Island is home to a stunning range of plants and animals. And the pristine waters offshore are filled with fascinating creatures from starfish to seals to humpback whales.

History: learn about Mount Desert Island’s fascinating history.

Acadia National Park: nearly half of Mount Desert Island has been protected as Acadia National Park. The Park Loop Road is Acadia’s most popular attraction, but the park’s hiking trails and carriage roads are truly world-class!

Island Towns: from bustling tourist towns to traditional fishing villages, there’s something for everyone here!

Offshore Islands: over a dozen smaller islands are found in the waters off Mount Desert Island and several of them are accessible by ferry. Day tripping to a small island with a year-round fishing community is a wonderful experience! Physically cut off from the mainland, these islands are home to some of the most rugged and remote communities in America!

I wish more guide books were presented in such a well designed fashion with appropriate maps, and valuable tips. In addition, James has included so many amazing photos, you’ll want to pack and go tonight!

Make sure this lesser known part of North America is on your “bucket list” for future travel! And definitely make sure you invite James along with you! If he can’t come, I am sure his guide book will be more than up to the task!


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