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A Wedding Proposal? It Must Be Love!

By travelanswerman | April 27, 2011

Extraordinary trips planned around a marriage proposal can enhance the chance of a successful life together because the experience is so memorable. A spectacular destination definitely should make poping the question a little bit easier.  Here are a few ideas for you.

Ronda, Spain…Partway across the El Puente Nuevo bridge, overlooking the stunning gorge of Ronda. Ronda lies some 80 miles south of Cordoba in the country’s most romantic district, the southern region of Andalusia. Nestled above perilously high cliffs, El Puente Nuevo adjoins Ronda’s two sides by spanning a 230 foot deep chasm.

St. Lucia…Under the dancing stars of a moon lit sky, with stimulating Caribbean breezes and live music that stirs your soul. This destination just drips with sensual atmosphere! On the southwest coast, Petit Piton and Gros Piton, the island’s instantly recognizable twin peaks rise out of the sea to more than 2,600 feet. A sight you will never forget! Street parties known as “jump ups” happen in Gros Islet and Anse La Raye on Friday nights. You must join in the fun! Ou la la!

Napa Valley, California…Why not let the love of your life know how you feel high above the unforgettable worldclass vineyards where life is lived at a slower, more refined pace…in a hot air balloon!  Lift your wine glass even higher to a life of true love! C’est Magnifique!

New York City…Gazing out over Manhattan at sunset from atop the Empire State Building. There must be an obvious reason why so many movies have filmed their climatic love scenes from this location. Can you imagine looking into their eyes when the words float off your lips?

Mustique…This Caribbean island’s appeal to the true visionaries and dreamers of the world is a magical paradise worth discovering! This is a very private island visited only by a few who seek seclusion and serenity! The beaches are…well…you would just have to walk barefoot arm in arm on them to believe they really exist! Can you begin to see it now?

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