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Practice Aloha book review!

By travelanswerman | January 29, 2011

“PRACTICE ALOHA – Secrets To Living Life Hawaiian Style”
Mark Ellman
and Barbara Santos – and their entire cast of contributors – have beautifully expressed the essence of Aloha.

Having personally experienced an extravagant sense of ALOHA each time I have had the privilege of spending time in the Hawaiian islands these past 33 years – this book speaks to the entire essence of man – MIND, BODY, SPIRIT.

This gem  of a book shows ALOHA as a way of life -
…in the experiences of EVERY DAY LIFE and the WORKPLACE
…in the shared fellowship of COOKING/EATING
…in the very visual and voiced beauty of the ARTS
…and ALOHA in its loveliness, residing in the human SPIRIT.

As succinctly stated in this book, ALOHA is a life force expressed in kindness, tenderness, unity, and harmony; in being both agreeable and pleasant, with humility and modesty; possessing patience and perseverance; cultivating these traits and character, resulting in an expression of charm, warmth and sincerity.

This wonderful book causes one to search within oneself and ask…
“Who would not want to BECOME ALOHA?”
Please join in the blessing of ALOHA and visit The Practice Aloha Project at www.PracticeAloha.org
And take a personal recommendation from the Travel Answer Man – and be sure to visit MALA OCEAN TAVERN to receive the wonderful BLESSING OF ALOHA from Mark and his very capable staff as they Practice Aloha in a very delicious way! www.malaoceantavern.com

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