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Best Food Market Places in the World!

By travelanswerman | November 22, 2010

 Are your vacations focused on the great food destinations around  the world? Do you live to eat? Are you completely nuts about the finest tasty morsels on earth? Look at some of the best travel and food destinations to check out what’s in store for you during your next vacation or business side trip.

Spice Market, Istanbul, Turkey

Turkey is famous for its spicy tongue and that holds true mainly for this spot in the country where you get a world of spices from saffron, apple tea, cardamom, cinnamon, sumac, cumin. A visit to Turkey will remain absolutely incomplete without going for a stride at the Spice Market.

Donguwa Bazaar, Kashgar, Xinjiang, China

A wondrous visit to Xinjiang will introduce you to the world of nuts and dry fruits heaped at the Donguwa Bazaar. The bazaar has worldwide fame for the marvelous marketing of nuts, dry fruits and spices that are considered one of the best in their quality and form. The much popular milky ice drink is a hot favorite for all who visit the bazaar in great anticipation.

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

New Orleans is known for its rich variety in food and eateries. The well-adorned city smells in food. Every corner of the city is buzzing with food hubs that serve rich delicacies to the hungry guests. Preparations in catfish, jambalaya, gumbo and such alike constitute the hot cuisine of the city.

Djemaa el-Fna, Marrakech, Morocco

One of the most amazing places on earth, the Djemaa el-Fna features open-air food mart that takes place after dusk. Several stalls are set up in the area that offer a variety of seafood, meats and all sorts of barbecuing items displayed in abundance for all attention. The pleasure delicacy of the open-air stalls forms the real attraction of the city.

Oaxaca, Mexico

Without much saying, the Mexican delicacies are famous worldwide for their awesome preparations of fried grasshoppers and toasted worms. There are others in the row ofcourse. Most specifically, the chocolate of Oaxaca is a real treat to the tickling taste-buds of all individuals.  This happens to be our most favorite city in Mexico

Newtown, Sydney, Australia

Located in the Bohemian suburb, Newtown is renowned for its rows of bars and restaurants to hang out in complete luxury and comfort. Starting from the exclusive Thai dishes and Indian delicacies, you are offered a plethora of other cuisines including Maltese, Nepalese and Japanese variety. 

Chatuchak MarketBangkok, Thailand

This is an extraordinary market offering everything from exotic foods, spices, clothing, animals and anitques. Its size is enormous. You could spend an entire week walking the aisles and never see everything.

Ferry Plaza Farmers Market – San Francisco, USA

They always offer an outstanding selection of organic fruits and vegetables. Many of the top chefs in the Bay area usually can be seen there on a frequent basis making their daily selections. They might even let you in on some of the secret cooking tips if you’re lucky. Ask, for you having nothing to lose.

Mercado De La Merced – Mexico City, Mexico

Upon entering this market, you can see the colors of the rainbow because of the spectacular assortment of fruits and vegetables. One unique feature of this market is that they have assembled most of the foods of Mexico. As you walk the aisles, you will definitely feel the energy of the people engaging with one another, especially in their smiles.

English Market – Cork, Ireland

This 400-year old market provides all the great things Ireland can offer plus an exciting blend of foods from around the world. The vendors always make you feel welcome with their warm hospitality.

Mercat De La Boqueria – Barcelona, Spain

For years, this has been a gathering place for the best chefs in Barcelona. They have realized this is “the” place to make their daily selection for fresh seafood, organic produce, and tasty game birds.

Peck – Milan, Italy

On your next visit to norther Italy, you must take time to visit Peck in Milan. It is the ultimate market for the finest cheese, cured meats and fine wines. If you hadn’t already notice, it sounds like you are ready for a sumptuous picnic! Your stomach and traveling partners will thank you immediately. Just remind them they owe you big time!

San Lorenzo Market – Florence, Italy

This could be a shopping high point during your stay in Florence. It is somewhat of a street fair where just about everything  is on sale. You will definitely have a chance to soak up some significant local atmosphere while making life long friends.

Mercato Coperto – Modena, Italy

If there was an award for the most photographed market in the world, this market would always win first place. Of course, you visit the market for food and various types of crafts and here you will not be disappointed. They have excellent produce along with the locally famous egg pasta and exceptional aged balsamic vinegars. This stop will be well worth the visit and get your camera ready for some great pics.

Pike Place Market – Seattle, USA

Whether you’re shopping for fresh produce, antiques or exotic goods from around the world, you’ll find it among the Market’s eclectic collection of stalls, shops and businesses. Their fresh seafood is exceptional!

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