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Chateau de Vie – Napa Valley!

By travelanswerman | October 20, 2010

Recently had the pleasure of staying at a property which surpassed all of my expectations.  It is not often that one struggles with wondering “should I tell the world, knowing that I may never again be able to obtain another reservation, because it will perpetually be sold out!??!”

Alas, my conscience has prevailed and I cannot keep such a gem secret…not that it is, with the repeat customers and those whose research prowess, internet-saavy-ness are finding out that Chateau de Vie not only delivers, but far exceeds your wildest dreams!

Both Phillip and Peter (owners and hosts) are using their God-given abilities to the maximum — the chateau and its spectacular location speak for themselves, but I was impressed even more with the desire on their part to share in the history of their home and the area. They wrote the book on the fine art of hospitality and the importance of relationships.  Then to top that off.., CDV is surrounded by a vineyard on all sides, they produce their own wonderful labelbreakfast created and served by this team are over the top exceptionally delicious (the setting and service take it up yet another notch).

This is truly a “must visit” destination…you need not make any plans on what to do with your days here…you only need inquire with this knowledgeable dynamic duo…every recommendation made was superlative –  perfect! 

If you think you have died and gone to heaven when reaching the south part of Napa Valley, one only needs to continue traveling north to Calistoga – the valley becomes more narrow and lush…we found criss-crossing the valley floor, sampling wines and touring vineyards was a very lovely way to pass the time.  Only to return to Chateau de Vie in the late afternoon, pour a glass of always available white or red and take a stroll thru the sunlit Autumn colored vines surrounding the estate…only to have a gourmet cheese/fruit plate waiting for you, and sharing the magnificent patio with the other fortunate guests, watching the sunset turn the eastern valley pink, then reluctantly setting down an empty wine glass only to venture on to one of the many wonderful restaurants in the area. We visited one evening (at the suggestion of our hosts) the glorious Solbar which is part of the internationally acclaimed resort Solage Calistoga. The restaurant was recently given a prestigous Michelin star. You could only hope the day would never end! Sort of like the night Cinderella had once upon a time, eh?

We returned home feeling relaxed, sublime, reflective and with promises to return to Phillip’s and Peter’s Paradise as soon as possible .  Oh so magnificent!  Au revoir mon ami!



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