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Free Travel?

By travelanswerman | September 24, 2010

Do you own a computer? Do you know that’s all you require to see the world? Is your bank account empty these days and maybe even lost your job? Nevertheless, you still want to travel and experience the world around you now. No worries for the Internet becomes your transport, your gateway to the far corners of the earth…and you don’t even require a valid passport or visa for entry into the destination you desire.

It is likely every average size city and larger along with every country in the world is currently listed on the Internet. Each day the amount of information on all of these places grows and grows, seemingly with no end in sight. You can read about anything you want and see just about anything via video twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty five days a year. You determine the time and place.

So, the next time you want to take off and see another part of the world…don’t wait because of some poor financial excuse…go to your personal home computer or the local library and travel to your heart’s content. I promise you won’t even get jetlag or worry about your luggage getting lost…flight delayed or missed connection! Enjoy the friendly, hassle-free world of travel through your PC. You really don’t need money to travel do you. It’s free!

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