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Money and Debt

By travelanswerman | March 10, 2009

It seems money and debt are the topics of the day…today and everyday lately. You can’t get away from the continuous bombardment from every possible media source…television, radio, magazines, newspapers, and the Internet, etc. Money and debt are discussed 24/7 from every angle conceivable. Listen to your favorite or not so favorite talk show and at some point in the discussion the subject will inevitably be about money and debt. It does not matter where you live in the world. Every nation on earth has been impacted by this all consuming subject. Everyone complains, but few suggest realistic solutions to the problem. Enough already!!! Most people are tired hearing of about this depressing  topic.

Leaders are elected to lead the people and give the masses hope to believe in a better tomorrow. They need to lead by providing a positive example and making a difference first in their local communities. They should let the people see how their leaders are involved and the people will likely do the same. The leaders must leave their “ivory towers” separated from reality and see, touch, and rub shoulders with the “regular Joes” in this world.

Today, we are lacking leaders who will stand up and make a difference. Most of their answers are only a quick fix “bandaid” approach…sufficient for only a moment of time…not the long road ahead. These people need to wake up!

How is this subject related to travel? Easy answer! If the typical person hears on a daily basis the subject of money and debt, they will discontinue travel. The topic eventually has a paralyzing effect on the human mind. Is travel the antidote? Not completely, but it can work wonders on an individual’s outlook on life. Is travel free? No! There are no “free lunches” in life at this time. Yet, there are deals in the market place for hotels, resorts, cruises, sightseeing, restaurants, air fares, car rentals and more! Most of the discounts range from 50 percent to as much as 80 percent off the normal retail offereings.

Seek and you shall find! Remember, you should consider travel an investment. It required your valuable time to earn the money which you are about to spend. Spend it wisely by receiving wise counsel! First and foremost, seek out a professional Travel Consultant. They will always be the most qualified to serve you with your best interests in mind. They will always have at hand an incredible database of resources which they will be able to access for you. A great place to start is taking time to familiarize yourself with this website www.travelanswerman.com

Once your travel plans have been completed, you can rest with total confidence the Travel Consultant will be your advocate from beginning to end. The ultimate in travel one stop shopping!

Prepare for your next trip today…dream big! Opportunities are definitely available, but you won’t know until you take action. Don’t delay, start today!

See you on the road out there somewhere somehow.


Source:  www.travelanswerman.com

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