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Insight Guides United States on the Road Review

By travelanswerman | April 8, 2010

Educators should consider using this guide book in a college class on American History. Not only would every student receive an A+ for the course, but each one would change their major to American History.

Wow! This book is chock-full of stunning color photography that captures the heart and soul of a diverse nation. In addition, the writers at Insight Guides were able to connect the reader with the local people and their land in a way that brings everything to life. It’s as if I had known many of the book’s characters for years. Real people! Real living! The real deal!

 I heartily recommend an investment in this treasure trove of true Americana. You will be inspired, informed and better prepared to travel throughout the USA than ever before. Jump in your little red Corvette to begin that magical, mystical road tour today! See you along the way at the burger & fries diner joint. By the by, add a thick chocolate shake to that order!


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