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Best Tips for Travel Entertainment & Shopping

By travelanswerman | February 24, 2010

You wouldn’t be on vacation unless you were seeking fun and relaxation, so take advantage of these ideas on how you can save money while still enjoying yourself.

See if second day free passes are available. Many amusement and water parks offer free or half price passes for a second day of admission which can save a lot, especially if you’re traveling with your family.

Ask about tickets through your hotel. Many hotels offer free or greatly discounted tickets for nearby attractions as a bonus for staying with them. Ask at the front desk to see if you can save some money.

Visit free attractions. You can often have a great time at places that are totally free like state and national parks and the beach.

Look for free entertainment. Most big cities offer free concerts, parades, and special events especially during the summer months. Before you go, check to see if any pique your interest.

Check out a TV show taping. Get free tickets to the taping of your favorite show with TV Tickets.com. You’ll get entertainment and a chance to get close to your favorite TV stars.

Find out about museum free days. Most big museums have at least one day of the week when admission is free, so take advantage of the savings by planning your visit around those times.

Don’t pay tax. If you’re traveling in Europe, you may not have to pay tax on the items you purchase if the store you shop at participates in the Global Refund program. Simply get a refund cheque from the store when you purchase your items, have it validated when you go through customs, and collect your cash back at their office or through the mail.

Check out student discounts. Many attractions popular with tourists have special prices for students as long as you have a student ID.

Be a trail guide. If you’re the outdoorsy type, you can enjoy a free vacation by becoming a trail guide. Show other hikers through trails at the Continental Divide or along the Pacific Northwest Trail.

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