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Running a Bed & Breakfast for Dummies Review

By travelanswerman | January 29, 2010

Each year, I visit numerous Bed & Breakfast properties. I only wished this book was available to read many years ago, because it would have provided me with some excellent insight that I have been lacking.

It is an outstanding resource for future innkeepers! If the suggestions are followed, clients will not only be pleased with the quality but also with the value of their investment. The book leaves no details out and covers everything from A – Z to ensure long-term success for the owner and the guests! Additionally, her easy to read style allows a quick assimilation of the material.

Some of the main topics covered are:

Understanding B & B basics

Being able to choose the location, style, and size of the ideal B & B

Helping you create your own business plan

Setting room rates and policies and organizing your recordkeeping

Marketing your services

Creating signiture dishes for the property

Increasing your profit and assess your success

The author is Mary White who is the go-to source in the Bed & Breakfast industry for opinions and advice. Her site www.bnbfinder.com is hailed by professionals and consumers alike as the most informative B & B site on the Web.


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