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Best Single Travel Destinations

By travelanswerman | January 20, 2010

It’s easy to meet people when you’re young, right? If you’re having trouble finding a date or a new friend in your city, try one of these holiday destinations to expand your horizons and add a little excitement to life. What are some of your favorite places? Let us know!

New York City: Get together a group of your closest friends and take advantage of New York’s rich cultural and nightlife scenes. There are bars and districts to suit everyone’s interest, and the constant energy of the city is perfect for young men and women. Don’t forget the amzing theater district and some of the finest restaurants in the world. You might never want to return home…unless you finally run out of money.

Ibiza: This internationally-known party island off the coast of Spain invites young people from all over the world to go clubbing, lie on the beach and have an adventure of a lifetime. It has been a young person European hot spot for many years.

Miami: Considered one of the best U.S. cities for singles, Miami, FL, is home to skimpily clad beach bums who also love to party. The Latin atmosphere is full of life and energy. People stay out late and sleep in late.

Cruises: Staying on a cruise is the perfect way to find your next new friend.

Portugal: Going to Europe can be expensive on a young person’s tight budget, but it’s possible to experience all the nightlife, culture and natural beauty that Portugal has to offer even when you don’t have major cash. The country also boasts “more hours of sunshine than anywhere else in Europe,” according to VisitEurope.com.

Cabo: A popular Mexican travel destination among rich California kids and celebrities, Cabo offers gorgeous views of the ocean, water sports and a pulsing bar and club scene. You might be interested to know it has some of the finest golf courses in North America that are built right along side the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean.

Backpacking through Europe: Backpacking through Europe is seen as a rite of passage for many new college graduates, and it’s also a great way to meet people. Staying in hostels encourages community involvement and interaction among tourists, and traveling on your own usually means you’ll be more receptive to experiencing new things and meeting new people. It’s also a great way to save cash and be kind to your pocketbook.

Denver: Denver, CO, is a large city with plenty of shopping, restaurants, bars and clubs, and it’s also close to party town Boulder, as well as outdoor activities in the Rocky Mountains. The visitor will quickly come to realize Denver is a young person city.

Austin, TX: Austin, TX, is sometimes underestimated because of its smaller size and Texas location, but the city has a vibrant nightlife and live music scene, features lots of parks and recreational activities, good food, a mild climate and several musical festivals throughout the year. It’s also a cheaper alternative for those on a budget. Most first time visitors make note the city has a definite “college town” feel with the University of Texas present as one of the city’s largest employers.

South Padre Island: Spring Breakers around the country know that South Padre Island at the tip of Texas is a crazy fun place to be. Where else can you meet thousands of other people your own age ready for an adventure? The soft, sandy golden beaches stretch on for miles and miles. It really is a great place to escape the cold winter chill.

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