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Fodor's Israel, 7th Edition book review

By travelanswerman | December 20, 2009

Israel has long been considered one of the most fascinating and dynamic destinations in the world. Most travelers would think the task too great an undertaking for a travel guide. Not Fodor’s! They took the challenge and surpassed all my expectations.

I was fortunate to find such a well researched review. My clients are demanding and continually ask challenging questions that require the most dependable resources at my finger tips. Fortunately, this is it!

This guide has been sectioned into the country’s seven major regions and a general area titled “Experience Israel”. I particularly appreciated how it covered topics that the typical visitor would want insight into such as: Israel’s markets, local cuisine, religion, family travel, nightlife & the arts and of course, where to stay and what to do.

The 7th Edition In Full Color guide includes 64 detailed maps, illustrated features and 265 color photos. It should be noted the photography is a significant improvement over similar books in the past. You’ll agree once you have compared!

It’s always appreciated when you get “insider tips” regarding dining. What you eat during a vacation can frequently turn out to make or break everything. Funny thing how food has such power over one’s thinking. Fodor’s writers have made it easy by selecting their favorite restaurants by price, cuisine and experience in the two major cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Their research will  remove a lot of stress and guessing by trial and error. It’s also a wonderful benefit so as to avoid “disappointment heartburn”. Believe me, I have been down that ugly food road!

A final comment on “Fodor’s Features”. Every country has a number of historical facts and features & Israel is no different. So Fodor’s took it upon their broad shoulders to highlight them. Their well documented articles, timelines and notations seem to jump off the page and come to life! Not an easy task for even the most experienced and gifted writers.

Expect to have gained a new friend with this gem. Enjoy your walk through history…past and present & prepare yourself for an Israel that’s beyond what you imagined! See you in Jerusalem!


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