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Spanish Wine

By travelanswerman | December 13, 2009

Spain has more vineyard planted than any other European country, but is only the third largest wine producer. Yields are low partly because even the massproducing vineyards are not managed in the same efficient, industrial way as they are in France or Germany, but also because of the climate. Heat and dryness deprive the vines of water, and irrigation is banned except in rare cases. The driest and most barren part of all is the center and most of its output is therefore bulk wine. The north is the source of most of the finest table wines…the reds are meaty and oaky and the whites often now fresh and fruity, rather than heavily oaked and oxidized. The south produces the famous dessert and fortified wines.

The next time you are traveling in Europe, make sure you take time to taste, smell, and savor the local wine. It is far more than just a beverage and significantly more than just a drink with your next meal. When you experience the local wine, you are taking time to experience the local people and their culture. Don’t rush…take your time and relax. You will create an experience more memorable than any photograph you could ever take.

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