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Best Travel Blogs for Singles

By travelanswerman | November 30, 2009

There is much freedom in the traveler who takes their journey alone. In reality, you are never completely alone when on the road. It is always determined by how much one wants to engage with their fellow man. Check out the best travel blogs for singles and see if they will inspire you to get off you rear and get going. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. So what are you waiting for?

Corporate America Runaway: Sherry, a former IT specialist, took a year off from the corporate world to travel to all the places she always wanted to visit. Visitors to her blog will be able to read stories about her adventures traveling alone and with friends. Many solo women travelers have been very encouraged by her comments. She has also created one additional blog www.briefcasetobackpack.com and has a site www.sherryott.smugmug.com where you can acquire some outstanding photography from her travels around the world…very impressive!

Vagabonding: This blogger, Mike, traveled the world alone for over a year. Though his trip is over, he still posts stories from his travels regularly on this blog. Always an outstanding read with many insights for the would-be traveler.

Girl Solo in Arabia: While many women would be intimidated to take on Arab nations on their own, this blogger shows that a determined woman can travel anywhere. Here she shares her experiences everywhere from Egypt to Iran. You will not want to miss her fascinating updates!

www.legalnomads.blogspot.com is an excellent travel blog about a woman who shares her personal experiences while traveling the world. You will definitely enjoy her attention to detail as she enables the reader to get up close and personal in a variety of different ways. She is also a gifted photographer & special friend!

Where the Hell is Matt?: This humorous blog follows around game designer Matt as he used his savings to travel around the world. This blog is slightly unique in that Matt not only visited these places, but made a video of himself dancing in each one. He has one of the most visited travel videos on YouTube which happens to be one of my favorites.


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