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Travel To Pacasmayo Peru

By travelanswerman | November 28, 2009

We have all said at one time or another how we would enjoy going some place that’s different…another part of the world that is wonderfully unique…where the local people are friendly and genuinely glad to see you…where hospitality is from the heart and you feel at home right away…and where the year round climate is amazingly close to perfect.

The destination is waiting for you and is called Pacasmayo, Peru. It is located on the northwest coast of Peru adjacent the beautiful Pacific Ocean and approximately a ten hour bus ride north of Lima.

Many people are drawn to this sunny, warm, dry climate because of the good surfing along its endless stretch of pristine beaches. When your long day riding the waves is over, you just walk off the beach across the street directly into your comfortable hotel for the evening. Then settle down to a well prepared, home cooked meal in one of their many fine restaurants. Remember, to lift your glass of wine and salute your fine waiter who is likely to be highly attentive to your every need.

Other travelers find incredible deals when visiting the many local craftsmen who are exceptionally gifted in sculpting marble and onyx. I recently purchased a prized pink marble handcrafted chess set. The workmanship was as good as I have ever seen…even when shopping in the finest stores in New York, Los Angeles, or London. The big difference though was the retail price of my set was a fraction of the cost of what I would have paid in these other cities. Another point of importance is that I realized my purchase of the craftsman’s work made a positive difference to his family and the rest of the community. The people bless you with their kindness and the visitor blesses the town with their personal support.

In 2008 and 2009, the community drew national attention in Peru and international recognition for the Pacasmayo Marathon. More than 100 plus runners participated in various distance events each year including a full 42 Km marathon. They were organized by a very gifted volunteer (Steve Cambridge) from the United States Peace Corps. His leadership skills and dedication to helping people within Pacasmayo have made a pronounced difference in the lives of many local families. Every city should be so fortunate to have such an extraordinary humanitarian working in behalf of their town.

The next time you have a desire to check out a place that is different than all your past adventures, why not consider this hidden gem…and tell the town Mayor the Travel Answer Man sent you.

Consider making a difference today by volunteering in someone’s life. A little time now may change the hearts of many and revolutionize a country!


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