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National Parks in the United States

By travelanswerman | November 27, 2009

Whether you are strategically plotting out a long vacation or a short one, the national parks within the United States offer an almost unlimited number of choices. Encompassing more than 700 – 800 million acres, this natural resource has a variety of land masses, waterways, and eco-zones not matched or equaled in any other nation. From the subtropical swamps of south Florida to the mountains and glaciers of the great north state of Alaska…from the flowing prairies of the central states to the golden coast and red wood forests of California…from the extraordinary vistas of the Grand Canyon to the active volcanos of Hawaii…this great country has enough to offer and sights to been seen lasting the visitor hundreds of lifetimes.

Start your journey today and explore these natural wonders! Your eyes have not seen anything yet and your imagination can only wonder how great it must be.


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