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Where will we go and what will we do?

By travelanswerman | September 12, 2007


It is our hope that you will join us in the the coming months and years on a journey to places near and far. We plan on visiting unique villages that remain hidden to the masses and international cities that are known to all. We want to see, touch, taste, smell, hear, and allow our deepest senses and inner being to frequently stand in the wonder of it all.

Would you like to meet new friends who could share with you what it is like to live in their part of the world…in the most intimate detail? Are you interested in the way they think about politics locally and globally? Maybe you want to know if their food is different than where you live. Or quite simply, are people really the same when it comes down to the basics or is everyone very different? I am sure our new friends would want to introduce us to their family and friends. If we are fortunate, they might invite us to join them for a meal in their home allowing a true relationship to begin.

You can expect us to ask many questions as we travel. Engagement with the locals will always be a high priority. Relationship building will always be a hoped for end result. We desire to add value to each person that comes our way…lasting friends with lasting memories.

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