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Best Travel Tips for Packing

By travelanswerman | October 18, 2009

Heavy luggage often turns out to be a menace when you are caught in a dilemma of what to carry and what not. However, proper packing and planning can help you enjoy a hassle free travel experience.

Lay out all the clothes you think will be needed for your trip. Then, look at everything individually and ask yourself if they are really necessary for this latest excursion. If you are honest with yourself, you will likely began to put back many items that you probably would never wear. Don’t even tempt yourself by packing certain things. Now, repeat this exercise each time you prepare to pack. I have done this for years and generally not even used a suitcase. It’s great to only have a carry on for luggage.

It’s a wrong idea to carry more than two outfits per day. However, getting an outfit for daytime and another one for the evening will be enough to serve your purpose. If you are heading for the beach, packing more than one swimsuit per day will be waste of space. Thus, proper packing helps you a lot in having ‘light’ luggage and cuts expense.

Coordinating your Luggage

Intelligent packing involves packing outfits in a manner so that they coordinate with each other.  Jeans, jean shorts, khakis and even shoes require proper selection to help them coordinate with each other. These outfits can be worn more than once to create different looks. You can wear them interchangeably and it will invariably help you to save a lot of space. In fact, you should also be selective while packing shoes. Don’t just carry all your shoes to match every outfit. Carry a few pairs and sandals so that you can wear the shoes with more than one outfit.

Only necessary Toiletries and Cosmetics

Carrying extravagant cosmetics and toiletry items are unnecessary as it takes up a lot of space. As far as hair styling is concerned, carrying one flat iron or a curling iron would be enough to pamper your hair. In fact, the hotel room may possess hair dryers so you should be aware of it before you carry one because these heavy items will take a toll on your body as well.

Be Prepared to Counter the Worst Circumstances

It is always better to be prepared for the worst. To avoid a helpless circumstance, which you may face in case your luggage gets lost or is delayed it is always better to pack the few necessary items in your carry bags. The toiletries, few undergarments and two generic outfits are the few necessities, which you may need irrespective of the circumstances. Hopefully, you won’t have to face any such worst circumstances but it is always better to be prepared for the worst.

Insurance is a must

Insurance is something which is often neglected in normal circumstances as one gets to realize its importance only during the abnormal circumstances. Sometimes your luggage may be light but you still feel heavy in your mind due to lack of peace. Problems like sickness or lost luggage can be faced by anyone during traveling. Without insurance, it will be a nightmare to make up the loss as your health insurance may not cover you or your airline may not pay you fully for the luggage lost. Therefore, travel insurance can help you avoid such nightmarish circumstances.


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