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By travelanswerman | October 15, 2009

Sometimes finding a place to stay is the most expensive part of travel. From crashing on a stranger’s couch to writing about a resort, the suggestions below will help you find a way to stay for free. Also, never under estimate the importance of searching for free accommodations with a quality search engine such as www.google.com.  Google can help significantly when you search with key words or phrases. Experiment a little and see how successful you can be with your research.

Couch surf. If you enjoy meeting new people, consider joining CouchSurfing.com. For me, meeting new people and learning about their culture usually is the highlight of the entire travel experience. Simply join, participate in discussion groups to get to know the other members, and when you have booked your travel, you contact the members in what ever part of the world you plan to travel and work out a play to stay. The service is completely free of charge and there is a member screening process to ensure safety.

Join The Hospitality Club. The Hospitality Club works similarly to CouchSurfing.com in that it connects people around the world who are willing to open their homes up to travelers. This service is free and you can browse the member profiles to select a potential host.

Home swap. If you are willing to trade homes, you can stay free anywhere in the world. For a small fee, you can join a home exchange group and never pay for accommodations again.

For people who speak Esperanto, the possibilities for travel are unlimited. Esperanto is a language published in 1887 that has grown into a vibrant, world-wide community. Esperanto is designed to be easier to learn than any other language, yet it has a flourishing community. All kinds of people learn Esperanto, but they have one thing in common — they’re interested in the wider world.

And people who speak Esperanto have a unique resource available to them: Pasporta Servo, which is a directory of over a thousand Esperanto-speakers in 89 countries who offer free accommodations to other speakers of Esperanto. These hosts open their homes and share a part of their lives in a way that’s not seen by tourists staying in an expensive hotel. For both hosts and guests of Pasporta Servo, Esperanto is bridge to better understanding. Read more about Pasporta Servo at Wikipedia. People who speak Esperanto also arrange exciting events for the more adventurous traveler, including hikes and bike trips across multiple countries, or a week-long adventure by train from Moscow to Beijing across Siberia.

The first step to participating in this exciting world is to learn more about Esperanto. The Learners tab has a number of resources for getting started, or you can find a local group in your area and start meeting other Esperanto-speakers today.

Arrange a sponsorship. Some companies will provide accommodations for you in return for your services. For example, a specialist in a specific field who gives a presentation at a conference or for a company retreat may get room and board in return for sharing their expertise. In many cases, you just need to ask. Seek  the opportunity at hand and you may be surprised the door opening for you. Most people never try and they wonder why “others” always always seem to get the good deal.

Write a review. If you have writing skills, try writing a review for a hotel or resort. Don’t under estimate your abitlity to communicate. Many online guides will pay for the accommodations in return for a professionally written review. Good publicity from the traveling public is often over looked. Writing about your recent travel experiences can unlock many doors to opportunity where others are shut out. Go ahead and give it a try! Your traveling budget will be glad you did and a world of travel will grow before you.


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