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7 Ecotourism Travel Blogs and Sites

By travelanswerman | October 14, 2009

The best place to begin your planning is to read up on all kinds of ecotourism tips, facts and other information on these great blogs and websites. It’s the most logical way to make the most of your valuable time. Why not take advantage of the work others have done in your behalf? These sites prove you can make a difference with the environment even when you’re on vacation. We’ll all be glad you did!

  1. Planeta: Find resources on ecotourism, recommendations on books, and guides on everything from bird watching to local crafts on this site.
  2. GreenTraveller: Get some great tips on how to have a greener and more environmentally friendly holiday at GreenTraveller. You’ll find directories of green hotels, tours, and low impact ways to travel to them.
  3. Eco-Index: Sustainable Tourism: Here you’ll find a list of businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean that have been certified to be environmentally friendly. It can be a great way to protect the beautiful rainforests and beaches of these destinations while making sure they stay that way.
  4. www.ecotourismlogue.com  Eco Travel Logue, your one-stop Ecotourism Travel Guide. Ecotourism is not just about choosing the greener option; it’s about discovering new ways of travelling and making a difference. So whether you’re looking for info on ideas and destinations, eco-friendly accommodation, from budget to luxury, or want the low-down on the latest ecotourism news and views, you should find it here on Eco Travel Logue.
  5. Transitions Abroad: This site addresses a wide variety of travel issues, but it does contain a valuable section on ecotourism. You’ll find responsible travel programs and article archives, as well as links to important websites and organizations.
  6. NewConsumer: This UK based magazine is dedicated to stories about how you can live a more ethically, vacations included. Check out the travel section for articles on environmentally friendly vacation ideas all over the world.
  7. Big Volcano Ecotourism Resource Center: Find information on the history of ecotourism, codes of conduct, and loads of other ecotourism articles and resources on this site.


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