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Venice Italy

By travelanswerman | September 20, 2009

Definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world! Venice captures the imagination as very few others places on earth. If you have chosen to arrive via flight, you will likely take a water taxi from the airport to the nearest dock closest to your hotel. Take in the intoxicating sights of a city built on the water as they come into view. It is a memory you will keep the rest of your life.

We arrived in front of San Marcos square, the true center and heart of the city. Upon arrival, you immediately walk with your luggage in tow to your hotel. In our case, it was only a few minutes from the dock. We had the pleasure of staying at the Best Western Albergo San Marcos. If you want our advice, this fine property is an outstanding choice because of their high standards of service, quality of accommodations and superlative location. If you have not realized it by now, you have embarked on a magical journey.

The diversity of people passing through the square at the same time is striking. There seems to be an invisible force drawing them here from around the world. The different languages being heard and appearance on their smiling faces causes you to imagine this might be some major international event. Add to this the amazing architecture of the Duomo and adjacent buildings on the square, plus the chimes of the bell tower and your senses are ready to explode. Oh, by the way, four excellent bands are perfectly spaced around the square playing the classics from the past and wonderful interpretations from the present.

You never want this all to end, but there is one more thing to do. You finish your first day enjoying the finest cuisine in the world. Are you really in Italy or just enjoying a wonderful dream?

Photos and videos will follow along with a complete review in the future.

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