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100 Best Travel Blogs Sites

By travelanswerman | September 16, 2009

These blogs are so fundamental for vacationers that they defy categorization. If you’re planning on globetrotting, start your reading with these valuable sites.

  1. Realtravel.com Realtravel.com hosts a huge collection of travel blogs for almost any place in the whole world. Plan cruises, family vacations or a romantic honeymoon using the tools on this site.
  2. travelblog.org Travelblog.org allows you to post an online diary of your vacation and send to friends. In addition to posting basic information about different countries, travelblog.org also features a beautiful photo gallery.
  3. travelpod.com Claiming to be the Web’s original travel blog, travelpod.com provides a listing of links for transportation, hotels, and tours, as well as hosting a forum for travelers to review their vacations and ask questions.
  4. lonelyplanet.com Read about Lonely Planet co-founder Tony Wheeler’s travel adventures while browsing through information on your own dream vacation.
  5. BudgetGlobetrotting.com This lighthearted blog gives tips on traveling on a budget. It’s also a great resource for information on planning a trip anywhere on the globe.
  6. travbuddy.com Travbuddy.com allows anyone passionate about travel to post a review or brief description of their most recent trip. Learn about others’ experiences before you embark on your own.
  7. travellerspoint.com Read and view photos from trips to Rwanda, France, Russia, and more. Learn about cool off-the-beaten-path restaurants and attractions that aren’t found in most guidebooks.
  8. incredible-destinations.com Search vacation packages from Africa to Europe to Asia and find the best deals for your international trip.
  9. Dico’s Travel Blog Browse photo galleries from this young man’s travels across the world. Pump yourself up for your vacation by browsing photos of the next country you’re going to visit.
  10. Exchangehomesblog.com One of the newest trends in vacationing, home exchanges offer a new perspective on visitng a foreign city or country. Read about others’ experiences to learn how to make the most out of your home exchange.
  11. Amazingtours.rezgo.com This blog researches different tours and tour companies from around the world, giving you the information you need to know before you book.
  12. Backpackers.com Research destinations, make hostel reservations and more on this must-read site for backpackers.
  13. Southwest Airlines Blog Read about news from the popular American airline and air travel in general. If you’re flying Southwest, click through the site to confirm your flight
  14. Today in the Sky from USA Today Find out what’s going on in air travel news before you get on the plane. In the age when cancelled flights is the norm, you’d be wise to check this site before every trip.
  15. Travel Guide.info The developers of this blog post interesting travel articles that you might not otherwise think to look for. Find out where you can ski during the summer or brush up on your world cuisine before you jet off to experience another culture.
  16. Daily Travel Deal Blog La Times’ Jen Leo finds the best travel deals all around the world. Check daily for more ideas.
  17. Alex’s Travel Blog – Scotland Check out the personal but quality blog presented by Alex, and read articles and view photos from all around the world.

United States and Canada

Long live the red, white and blue … oh and Canada too! If you’re planning a vacation in North America, these blogs will help you cover the essentials.

  1. Vacationrentals.com A comprehensive directory of rentals in all 50 states, vacationrentals.com also provides information on each location, including food and culture.
  2. Govisithawaii.com Govisithawaii.com provides information and vacation guides for each island, as well as a detailed interactive map of Hawaii
  3. Lasvegasdealking.com Find discounts and tips for any kind of vacation to Vegas.
  4. Maineswaterfront.blogspot.com Get a feel for the beautiful, refreshing Maine landscape when you visit this site. Investigate real estate trends or find out about local festivals you won’t want to miss.
  5. sfist.com Click through the photos and read the city’s colorful news items to prepare yourself for the local flavor of San Francisco.
  6. Corsinet.com/chicago Read about Chicago’s history and fun facts while exploring the links to the city’s parks, museums, bars, and other vibrant attractions.
  7. Newyorkology.com Often hailed as the greatest city in the world, there’s no way to explore all of New York City in just one trip. This blog helps narrow down your planning, though, with directories and links to hotels, neighborhood attractions, transportation, and more. Don’t miss the “Cheap Stuff” category to save a few bucks while visiting the Big Apple.
  8. Midnightpoutine.ca On this blog, read articles about food, music, and the arts in beautiful, historic Montreal.
  9. TheDCtraveler.com Besides visiting the monuments, there’s a lot to do in our nation’s capital. Explore photos and articles about local nightlife, art galleries, and family friendly activities.
  10. Completenewengland.com Discover everything there is to know about all the New England sites on this blog, from seasonal festivals to nature hikes to tours of the historically rich cities.
  11. RightRound.com Be in the know about Austin’s coolest nightlife or plan a visit to the scenic Hill Country after reading this South Central Texas blog.
  12. Hawaii Vacation Blog Read an honest approach to Hawaii, from its weather to beach safety and more. Use the links to plan your own trip.
  13. The Rocky Mountain Blog Plan a trip to the Rockies by exploring bed and breakfasts, checking the weather, and discovering camping ammenities.
  14. Sierra Camping Find out everything there is to know about camping in the legendary Yosemite National Park and the Sierra Nevada.


Whether its the magic of Paris and London or the adventure of the Swiss Alps, if you’re planning on taking a trip in Europe these sites are must reads.

  1. Bestbandbs.com Read about the charming delights of staying in a bed and breakfast in the English countryside.
  2. Hyde ParkTowers Hotel blog Plan out your trip to London, whether or not you’re going to be lodging at this upscale hotel. Make use of the links to explore nightlife, museums, and historical attractions.
  3. Road to Ireland News blog Discover the traditional, mystical, and rambunctious treats Ireland has to offer.
  4. Puerto Duquesa blog Plan a walking tour of the city, check the local weather, and view photos of this gorgeous city on the coast of southern Spain
  5. theparisblog.com Get a feel for one of the most enchanting cities in the world when you visit theparisblog.com. Read about Parisian politics, pop culture, and find good deals on lodging and transportation.
  6. Gofrance.about.com Find out the best times to visit each part of France on this blog. The author gives advice on daytripping, reservations, and more.
  7. Wandering Italy Find out everything there is to know about vacationing in Italy, thanks to this blog and its extensive list of links to local calendars, festivals, hotels, and guidebooks.
  8. Switzerlandtravelsonline.com Browse photos, travel tips, and basic information about the small but scenic country.
  9. Greecetravelblog.com Get inspired when you read the many blogs about each Greek island and city. The beauty and legends of this European country are captured in this site.
  10. Travel DestinationsGermany View photos and a brief overview of what the perfect vacation to Germany would be like. Use the links to make it a reality
  11. Realtravel.com/barcelona Party all night with the locals, tour the numerous Gaudi structures throughout the city, or take a walk on the beach. Everything you’d want to do and see in Barcelona can be found here.
  12. EEuropeRussiaTravel blog Explore the treasures of Russia and Eastern Europe through the eyes of this blogger.
  13. NY Times Tuscany blog Read this brief but concise Q&A about one of the world’s most simple pleasuresTuscany.
  14. Europepathway.com A comprehensive travel site for the whole continent, this blog has everything you need to planning a European vacation.

Caribbean and Central America

There are a lot of blogs and websites helping you to explore the Carribean and Central America, but there are just a handful that provide the sorts of insights and information that will help make a trip truly excellent. This section includes the best of the best in that arena.

  1. Puerto-vallarta-blog.com A well-thought out blog for any traveler to Puerto Vallarta, this site provides hotel, beach, sightseeing and climate information, as well as listing emergency contacts nearby.
  2. Travel LibraryJamaica and the Bahamas The information on this blog will ensure you have a well-planned out vacation as well as a wonderful time experiencing the beauty of the Caribbean. Check out airfare, holidays, and hotels.
  3. Barbados Blog Get information on Barbadian holidays, culture, and travel packages, all found on this helpful blog.
  4. Mexico With Heart Read about the perks of living in Mexico, scan the Mayan cultural calendar, and learn about authentic Mexican dining.
  5. Mexico.vg Learn about the more glamorous side to vacationing in Mexico, including trivia about new skyscrapers and fancy hotels.
  6. Gocaribbean.about.com Visit links to articles about different Caribbean countries and territories, always learning about the unique, flavorful culture of each.
  7. Therealcostarica.com This blog gives its visitors an honest look at Costa Rican news and tourism.
  8. Tim’s El Salvador Blog Discover this poor but rich Central American country, and start planning your vacation immediately.
  9. Nicaliving.com Find out what it’s like to live in Nicaragua. Get a feel for how the locals see it, and you’ll have a better chance of blending in when you visit.

South America

Traveling in South America can be one of the most rewarding vacations you’ve ever taken. That said, it isn’t the sort of trip you typically want to take without having done a good deal of research first. These best of the best blogs and websites will help you do exactly that.

  1. Buenos-aires-apartments.blogspot.com Get valuable information about the city’s customs, language, and more at this site.
  2. C.hileno.com The self-proclaimed favorite Chilean blog, this site gives readers clever tips on saving money and surviving in the South American country.
  3. BrazilianTravel.com Find out everything you need to know to plan a Brazilian vacation. Check out flight information, travel packages, and more.
  4. Google EarthRio de Janeiro View photos and peruse fun facts about the party capital of the world
  5. BritBlog.comSouth American Several blogs about South America make up this siteChoose to read about whichever country strikes your fancy.
  6. BlogsPeru.com It’s all in Spanish, but this blog about Peru is worth the trouble of translation.
  7. RealTravel.comPatagonia For the truly adventurous, conquering Patagonia is a must. Read and view photos of other travelers’ trips to prepare yourself.
  8. Internationalevents.suite101.com Keep track of some of the best parties on the planet, or at least in South America. Check the calendar often to make sure you don’t miss anything.
  9. South America Travel A general site about traveling anywhere in South America.
  10. UnofficialAndes.com Find out what it’s like to climb and ski in the Andes Mountains…before you risk it yourself.

Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania

If you can survive the long international airline flight, the rewards of traveling to Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania are uncomparable. These blogs will help ensure that your once in a lifetime trip truly is everything you hoped it would be.

  1. Australia Travel News Get acquainted with life down under with the Australia Travel News. Find discount airfare packages and more travel updates.
  2. Sydney Morning Herald Travel Blog The Sydney Morning Herald publishes a travel blog on its Web site with information on vacationing around Australia.
  3. Outback Australia Travel Guide Get information on visiting the continent’s most famous attractions…and how to get to them.
  4. www.tumbrella.com.au This site is a discussion forum for everything about traveling and living in Australia and New Zealand.
  5. www.tntdownunder.com This is TNT Magazine and it is Australasia’s leading publication for backpackers and independent travelers.
  6. Rightround.com Do what the locals do after finding out where they play after hours.
  7. Oceania Travel Blogs Start exploring one of the most scenic and spectacular places on the planet.

Middle East

For those that have traveled in the Middle East, it is easily one of the most unforgettable experiences of their life. From my experience it can be the best vacation you ever take, but it is essential that you do your research. These top blogs will help you plan the ideal vacation.

  1. The Middle East blog Travel with Time to the war-torn beauty of the Middle East.
  2. A Child’s Geography A Christian view of the Middle East, for children.
  3. Concierge.com This blog take a conscientious look at the safety of traveling in Israel.
  4. Beautiful Beirut Plan your vacation to Beirut, one of the most Westernized cities in the Middle East. View photos and get an insider’s take on what it’s like to live in beautiful Beirut.
  5. Beirut 2 Bayside Brush up on the political and cultural scene in Beirut.
  6. One JerusalemRead about this ravaged but resilient city from a local’s point of view.


For those trying to plan the ultimate African vacation, navigating all your choices can be daunting. Thankfully these best of breed blogs will help you make the best choices for your trip.

  1. Garden Route View photos and scan brief articles about South Africa.
  2. The Egyptian Blog Ring Browse Egyptian blogs about arts and entertainment, culture, vacation hot spots, and more. Get a feel for local flavor even before you go.
  3. The Big Pharoah Read controversial articles about all things Egyptian on this blog.
  4. Moroccothe World Blog View photos of the enchanting North African country.
  5. Mambogani Learn about local Kenyan culture and find valuable travel information for vacationing here.
  6. Realtravel.comThe Nile River Cruise the legendary and powerful Nile River, lodge nearby, and take in the mystery and history of Africa.
  7. Travelpod.comVictoria Falls Discover the land and life around Victoria Falls. Plan a safari or go on your own.
  8. AfricanOz.com Catch up on the news that’s affecting the continent today.
  9. Impulse AdventureAfrica Read about these travelers’ journey through Africa, and learn how ancient African culture is still alive today.
  10. South Africia Logue Plan trips, study abroad, learn everything there is to know about going to South Africa.

Asia and the South Pacific

Our last section in this article is certainly not the least in importance. Taking a trip to Asia and the South Pacific can be one of the most memorable experiences if planned well. These blogs will give you the inside knowledge you need to plan the vacation of your dreams.

  1. Fijidiving.blogspot.com Submerge yourself in the exotic waters of Fiji and learn about the fun, freespirited subculture of expat divers.
  2. Bali Island Guide Get information on scuba diving, the beaches, and nightlife in Bali.
  3. Asiahotelstravel.com Stay informed on the best deals for traveling to and around Asia.
  4. Asia Travel Weblog Read this author’s fun travel stories from Asia.
  5. Travel.net Uma Bontha’s relatively new but detailed blog features vacation ideas around India
  6. India Travel Blog Learn about trips to any place in India. View photos and plan your very own Indian excursion
  7. Japan Travel Info Make use of this detailed blog to find information on vacationing all around Japan.
  8. Schauwecker’s Japan Travel Blog Find valuable info. on flights, trains, and other transportation to and from Japan.
  9. ThaiTravelBlogs.com This directory of blogs about travel in Thailand will help you plan the perfect vacation.
  10. ChinaTour.com Find everything you need to know about visiting Chinahotel reservations, health information, weather forecasts, festivals, and more.
  11. Travelpod.comVietnam This directory of blogs about Vietnam provides links to photos, videos, maps, and other planning guides for your vacation.
  12. Travelblogthe Phillippines Travel to the Phillippines, but only after visiting this blog. You’ll find information on American safety issues, snorkeling, as well as the country’s history and current political climate.
  13. Beijingtravelbug.com Explore everything this marvelous Chinese city has to offernightlife, cuisine, art, and more.
  14. Rightround.comTokyo Learn about what to do in Tokyo, whether you’re craving ancient tradition or contemporary fun.
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