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Best Travel Tips For Your Budget

By travelanswerman | September 12, 2009

 The global recession is in full swing. Companies are getting closed, market sales are dwindling, and people are losing jobs everywhere. In these hard times, all rational folks are trimming their fancy expenditure budgets, travel is one of them. But how long can one escape from traveling? Your work and family pressure will continue to shove you towards the wall and you will start gasping for oxygen. Your heart will long for a nice, fulfilled vacation. In this article, you will get to know five travel tips, specifically framed keeping the global recession in mind.

First, try to cash in your travel points from the banks that offer them. Some banks like Citibank, Chase, and Capital One are victims of economic recession to a greater extent than others. To mitigate some of the losses, such banks have started devaluing their credit card reward points. Here is the tip. If you have 20,000 or fewer points in any reward point program, consider cashing them seriously before they get devalued further.

Food is an integral part of traveling. Our second tip is related to your travel food budget. Try to save money by avoiding spending too much on fancy restaurants. Visit Restaurant.com on the web and buy a $25 gift certificate just for $10. Many eateries have participated in the deal and are willing to offer the $25 gift certificate for just $10. Such a measure helps the eateries to run their shows during this recession period.

Third, evaluate and opt for travel packages while selecting your travel destination. Database.com helps in evaluating such travel packages. The website evaluates each component that makes up the package – rooms, seats, airlines etc. They will give you a clear-cut information about how much you stand to gain (or lose) by opting for (or against) a package in terms of its individual components.

The fourth tip is pretty handy and practical. Always use envelopes while making your travel budget. Many of us find it difficult to stick to our budgets. Try putting your money into different envelopes marked for each day. Stick to spending only what is in the envelope marked for the day. Use your debit card only when you are in emergency. 

During travel, you might want to bring gifts back home for your close ones. Our last tip for you is on this. Always try out a supermarket souvenir before deciding on an item. Choose those that look exotic when you present it to someone at your place. For instance, you can think of the chocolate-enveloped macadamia nuts from Hawaii. You can similarly think of a nicely packaged box of tea from a supermarket in Britain. Shun all such items like $20 T-shirts that nobody (including you) would prefer to wear for long.


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