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Travel by Train in Italy

By travelanswerman | August 29, 2009

Based upon our past experience, the best way to see Italy in 2009 is via a train. You should check this great website for help and vital information www.italiarail.com

It definitely is the most relaxing way to go. You just sit back and enjoy as the Italian countryside goes by…the mountains, lakes and rivers…the sleepy villages with their colorful marketplace and town square along with the bustling cities…it’s all their to see and remember. The spectacular scenery never ends. All in the comfort of an environment that allows you to stretch your legs out or easily walk around when you desire. Food and drinks are provided on most trains, but it is definitely acceptable to bring your own along with you. You might want to visit a local supermarket just before boarding the train if this alternative is more attractive. Choice is a good thing!

The Italian train system goes throughout the entire country. You will not be limited or restricted regarding where you want to go or what you want to experience.

Your train station is always well positioned in the heart of the city or village. When you arrive at your final destination, you are most likely within a few steps or minutes of your finishing point.

Fortunately, Italian trains are still affordable. When you consider what they provide in value, they are quite a deal, especially when trying to maintain a reasonable travel budget.

If you must bring along some type of luggage, it can be carried with you. This significantly speeds up your departure when disembarking at your final destination. The train comes to a stop…you quickly collect your personal items…and you’re on your way! You can almost breathe a sigh of relief.

Hope to see you on board soon. I’ll be enjoying the view from my window seat.



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