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Best Tips for Reducing Travel Expenses

By travelanswerman | August 25, 2009

There are some things that even the most frugal traveler can’t do without. Give these suggestions a try to help you lower a few dollars from your travel expenses and let us know what your best ideas are for reducing the travel budget. Many can be found by checking out the best search engines such as my two favorites www.google.com  and www.bing.com .

Bring along free sunscreen. Whether you’re hitting the beach or the slopes, you’re going to need to bring sunscreen along. Get a free bottle from Quality Health when you fill out a survey.

Take advantage of online travel guides. Even big names in travel guides have gone online. Their books would still be a great long term investment for your travel library, nevertheless, you can acquire a lot of travel information online for free!

Buy luggage at a discount or thrift store. There is no doubt that suitcases are some of the most expensive necessities for travelers. Save money by getting one at a discount online or at your local thrift store. There are definitely plenty of deals and discounts this year by the luggage companies to save you plenty of money.

Make the most of free wi-fi. Some hotels will charge you to connect to the Internet. Of course, there’s no reason to pay for it when you can go around the corner to the local coffeshop and get it for free. Make the most of free wi-fi in the area and save some money on expensive hotel connections. Check out http://v4.jiwire.com/search-hotspot-locations.htm for the hotspot locations in 140 countries. 

Get free vacation photo prints. If you take a lot of digital photos, you can get free and cheap prints of them by using an online printing service like Adorama or Snapfish. Some offer 50 free prints just for signing up!

Buy travel guides and maps on eBay. If you are in need of travel guides, don’t pay full price. Get them for significant discounts using www.amazon.com along with www.ebay.com  and when you get back, sell them back for possibly a profit!

Send e-cards. It’s fun to get mail from all over the world, but you can save money on stamps by sending e-cards instead of postcards. Simply scan in or upload one of your photos and send them in special emails to your family and friends.

Pack light. Save yourself baggage overage fees and hassle by packing light and simply doing laundry at your destination once you run out of clothes. Our best suggestion is to only take a carry-on as luggage instead of the typical suitcase. We always travel this way domestically or internationally. Most travelers never wear most of the clothes they pack and thus end up carrying things they don’t require. It’s also a significant hassel when claiming luggage or waiting for customs with your luggage once you arrive at the destination. Just get off the plane with your carry-on and proceed through check out or customs and beat everyone else to the exists. The stress reduction is amazing and you’ll begin your trip with an improved attitude!


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