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By travelanswerman | February 17, 2009

Never, never, never forget you can negotiate anything and everything is negotiable!!!!!!!

We all live on a place called planet Earth, and in our current lifetime, we likely will not have the opportunity to leave it alive. Thus, we are all a participant here and now. We daily come into direct or indirect conflict with others. They might include competitors, sales representatives or clerks, waiters, politicians, along with family members. How we engage with these people will likely determine the level of success we attain in life. How much do we give and how much do we take…bending, but not breaking…knowing the maximum limits to everything and everybody we work with in life.

What does this have to do with the world of travel? Listen closely! The following are all negotiable: hotel accommodations, car rentals, sightseeing activities, movie or theater tickets, airline tickets, most meals (can even include purchasing directly from the grocery store or local farmer), and cruiseline fares. As an additional note, one can also negotiate the purchase of clothing, furniture, auto parts, automobiles, electronic goods, pet supplies,etc. The list could go on and on and on. When I say everything is negotiable, that is what I mean!

It is not a complex science or theory. The great majority of the public are just too lazy, blind and afraid to take advantage of the deals that are waiting by the thousands to be picked up every minute of the day. What is the secret? Just speak up and ask for the price you are willing to pay. You might say at this point it can not be that easy…and you would be wrong! But, remember the person you are speaking to is likely not familiar with this type of approach. You preferably will need to speak directly with a decsion maker…the ultimate person in charge or an individual reasonably high up the food chain in their organization. The type of person who has been given the power to change and alter the original retail price. Let the entire exercise play out like a game where when you are able to convence the respresentative to lower the original price then you win…game over!

TIP: If a person has created a price for the sale of a product, then a person can change the price by making an adjustment. Nothing is etched in stone!!!!

All representatives of consumer products want to move their current inventory and move it as fast as possible! Every day that inventory is not moved ”off the shelves” and on to the consumer, represents a day where sales and profits were not maximized and the shelf life of the product has been reduced. When a potential buyer stands in front of the representative, the opportunity to close a deal and move inventory is standing in their presence just like a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. Both sides of the negotiating must realize now is the time for action not later. Who is to say the seller will ever have an opportunity later. They must strike now while the opportunity is available.

If you are not initially comfortable with this approach, I suggest you start with a request of only a small price reduction like 5 percent off retail. As you become more comfortable with this new approach in buying, you can request a significantly greater discount off the retail price. When you receive your reduced rate that YOU requested, the satisfaction is quite good.

Today is a great day to begin to practice this new skill. Get out there and start playing the game…negotiate and win!


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