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Canadian Rockies Lake O'Hara

By travelanswerman | February 13, 2009

Throughout the Canadian Rockies, there is no other region comparable in size to that of Lake O’Hara, which boasts so many scenic trails. The natural beauty of the area, mentioned by the explorer Walter Wilcox many years ago, is visible to today’s visitors from many vantage points reached by a network of carefully constructed and maintained trails. With over 50 miles of trails to choose from, the avid hiker is, indeed, faced with a happy dilemma.

The Lake O’Hara region lies inside Yoho National Park, British Columbia. Fortunately, that means it is a reasonable driving distance from the major gateway of Calgary, Alberta. This city has an outstanding international airport and will allow the visitor to easily make his connection and quickly arrive at their final destination via Banff National Park.

For those adventurous individuals desiring to visit this glorious area during the summer, remember there is a limited number of people who are allowed in. Contact Parks Canada well in advance for specific details so you can plan accordingly and not be disappointed.

If you are fortunate to spend the day in this area, the memory of your visit will never be forgotten! It is definitely one of Travel Answer Man’s greatest experiences in the world. The wildlife, mountain flowers, rushing streams, waterfalls, fresh mountain air, extraordinary geology, plus on and on and on, etc…words are inadequate!

Cheers! See you on a mountain top somewhere sometime some how.

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