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Travel Canada

By travelanswerman | February 11, 2009

The scenery of Canada means different things to different people. To the fisherman on its coast it is the short stretch of shoreline where he sails frequently near his home harbor.

To the tourist who visits the western mountains it is rocky peaks, soaring above great valleys, clear fast streams, and campsites set in groves of well-tended trees.

To the railroader it is what he sees from the train in his section, perhaps flat prairies, deep-cut gorges, filled with tumbling water, shorelines of lakes or the sea.

To the city dweller in Halifax or Vancouver it is the week-end drives, or the lake country where he spends his holidays.

To the men who cut pulp and lumber in Quebec or British Columbia it is woods and hills and rivers. They think of deep snow in winter, wildlife in summer, the smell of fresh-cut spruce and fir, beautiful autumn colors on the hillsides.

But no matter where they are or what they do, the people who pause to look around them are looking at scenery which owes most of its peculiarities to the rocks that underlie it and the particular tools that nature has used to sculpture the land.

Make 2009 the year you visit Canada! It truly is a land of spectacular beauty and extraordinary wonder…from coast to coast…to the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies…from the trout filled rivers…to the golden central prairies.


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