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Classic Hiking

By travelanswerman | February 8, 2009

There was time in human past, when our tie to this planet was more important to our individual survival. Today, it seems the prospects for collective survival depend on repairing that bond where it has been broken. Hiking offers a hint of that past and stimulates dreams of the future: dreams of wilderness restored and of humans sharing again the ongoing journey with all life on the earth.

The useful thing about trails, is that although they may take us away, they also will bring us back. If we are responsive, if we concentrate and work at it, we may return with an improved sense of being a part of this world…this galaxy. A straight forward plan of action should follow. There will be a variety of trails for the different people, but if enough people find the trails back, there may be hope.

Go hike a trail…and do it today!


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