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Last Minute Travel…A Must!

By travelanswerman | February 3, 2009

Some people like to know exactly where and when they’re going on vacation with as much notice as possible. A good buddy of mine gets “hyper” if he doesn’t make travel arrangements about a year in advance. Personally, I think it’s very unfortunate to feel like you must make a commitment that far out. I would feel very uncomfortable…too far out…too many things can change from the time you make reservations to the time of your departure. Air transportation usually cannot even be booked until eleven months prior to departure. Anyway, while my friend might be buying a long period of time of excited anticipation, he’s in a definite dwindling minority: low-cost airlines in particular, and greater willingness and freedom to travel in general, have made us a nation of travellers happy to book up at the last minute.

An overall trend towards late booking over the past few years has meant that, around peak seasons, there are often incredible discounts available just before leaving. What’s the important key or secret? You must have the flexibility to travel off-peak when demand is lower. If you do, your odds have increased greatly to “nail” that attractive price that rewards you with supreme value for the investment.

Keep your ear close to the rail and listen for opportunity. Life is never short on opportunity! Unfortunately, most people are “asleep at the wheel” and never notice the things which pass them by. Keep alert and perform the research and you will surely prosper in all your decisions! Remember that everything is negotiable! If a human has decided on an intial price, then a human can reduce the price. Don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for a reduction. Unfortunately most travelers are either afraid or embarrased to be direct. If this is one of your lesser qualities in life you must change now or continue to lose out.

This concept is not limited to air travel only. It applies to all things in the world of travelhotels, resorts, cruise lines, car rentals, trains, sightseeing activities and even restaurants. Everything is negotiable! Life is too short, so go for it and speak up please!


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