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Philanthropy's Place in Travel

By travelanswerman | July 20, 2009

 Elevate Destinations has announced the launch of theme based donor travel for independent philanthropists interested in exploring and investing in issue-specific areas. The trips will focus on such issues as:

. Coastal and marine preservation
. Rainforest conservation
. Cultural survival
. Water scarcity
. HIV/Aids alleviation
. Human trafficking
. Micro-credit
. Women’s economic betterment
. Youth empowerment and education

Each trip brings global philanthropists together with leading international NGOs working on these issues. Travelers will visit multiple projects and sometimes multiple countries to focus on the challenges of making an impact in these arenas.

This is the latest innovation in strategic giving from a company that designs donor travel programs for leading international non-profits such as EcoLogic, Direct Relief International, the Global Fund for Children, KickStart, Rare Conservation, the School for Field Studies and WaterPartners International.

Elevate Destinations relies on a deep network of non-profit partners and long experience in the international arena to ensure expertise and guidance to global philanthropists. The Independent Donor Travel Program offers flexibility and customization to philanthropists eager to optimize their contribution.

For more information, go to: www.elevatedestinations.com

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