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Entertaining Your Children While Traveling This Summer

By travelanswerman | June 24, 2009

Are you looking for ideas to keep your children entertained and happy during this year’s summer vacation? We have some good suggestions that just might help you out. Many options are not only stimulating, but educational at the same time. The parents and the kids are all winners!

Scavenger Hunt on the Plane: This clever game from FamilyFun.com challenges your kids to find items like sleeping passengers, a red dress, dessert, a mustache, and more.

Finger puppets: Have fun making finger puppets before your trip, and then pack them in your carry on for silly fun on the plane or car. Take turns putting on finger puppet plays with your new friends.

Create a Travel Journal: Encourage your kids to keep a journal of your vacation. They can write about the drive or flight, draw pictures of the places they visited, and tape mementos like museum tickets to the pages. If you didn’t have the time to maintain the journal in your hotel, the plane or car is the perfect place to catch up on your craft.

Create your own snacks: Chances are, your kids are going to be hungry during their drive or flight. Bring your own kid-friendly snacks that you can assemble from your seat. Ants on a log (minus the messy peanut butter) is just one idea.

Pack a surprise: Packing a surprise present for your child will create a delightful distraction from a possible boring drive or flight. A toy car, stuffed animal, or even a favorite toy from home wrapped up like a present will do the trick.

Take pictures: Use a disposable or digital camera to take pictures during your holiday. Your kids will have fun posing for funny pictures to document their trip.

Colorforms Silly Faces Stick-Ons Game: Kids can stick on and peel off colorforms to create silly faces over and over again.

Make a map of your flight path: Help your kids draw a map of the flight path you’re taking. You can trace a map of the region you’re traveling through ahead of time, and then try to guess which state or country you’re flying over at any given time.


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