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Best Travel Tool Sites for Driving

By travelanswerman | June 22, 2009

Car travel is expensive and demanding with high gas prices and heavy traffic. These travel tools will help you get the leg up on both.

Traffic: Make sure you won’t get stuck in hours of traffic by using this convenient online tool. It gives you reports on congestion based on mile to mile reports so you’ll know the conditions of any road before you ever even leave your home.

GasBuddy: You’ll be able to avoid paying more for gas on your trip around the block or across the country with this helpful tool. This site compiles gas prices from stations all over the country to help you to find the one that’s the lowest where you are.

Radio-Locator: Don’t waste time scrolling through dozens of radio stations looking for one that suits your interests. This site has done the work for you by putting together a huge listing of radio stations from all over the world. You can browse through by genre, helping ensure you’ll find something that suits you.

BizMile Tracker: Those who travel more for business than pleasure will appreciate this tool, which allows users to easily track the miles they travel each day for work so the expenses associated with them can be deducted from taxes.

PL8Scan: Ever wanted to tell the person who just cut you off what you really think of them? With this site you just may be able to. Car owners register their vehicles with the site and other users will be able to send them text messages, whether helpful or angry.


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