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Paradise Television Network Inc. Launches HD Channel 1000 Scenic Hawaii

By travelanswerman | May 6, 2008

Lahaina, Hawaii….HD Channel 1000, Scenic Hawaii joins the Paradise Television Network, Inc. group of stations, which also include The Visitor Channel 7, Maui. HD Channel 1000, Scenic Hawaii is the first ever full-time, locally produced, statewide HD channel in Hawaii. Broadcast out of the Lahaina, Maui production facility Scenic Hawaii will reach the current 70,000 plus HD subscribers statewide.

Working in conjunction with Oceanic Time Warner, the station is expected to garner an audience of local residents and visitors alike. With HD subscribers growing rapidly, HD television is quickly becoming the norm. “We are very excited about adding Scenic Hawaii to our HD lineup. Exclusively available to Oceanic customers, Scenic Hawaii truly brings out the beauty of the Islands for both residents and visitors to enjoy,” states Alan Pollock, VP of Marketing at Oceanic Time Warner.

For the past few months Paradise Television Inc. has been busy sending out production crews with their new state-of-the-art HD cameras to capture vivid footage from the islands of Oahu, Maui, Hawaii and Kauai. Current programming allows viewers the chance to relax and enjoy breathtaking aerial footage, spectacular sunsets and seascapes, informative and unique editorials from around the State and much, much more. Jim Kartes, President of the Paradise Television Network Inc. states, “HD Channel 1000, Scenic Hawaii allows the viewer to escape and truly enjoy parts of Hawaii one may otherwise never see.”

Hosted by Celeste Akeo, a beautiful Hawaiian woman, viewers can tune into HD Channel 1000 anytime, sit back, relax and enjoy stunning scenery accompanied by peaceful music. The channel provides viewers an alternative to normal television programming.


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